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Eavestroughs, Downspouts and Leaf Guards

Our seamless aluminum Eavestroughs eliminate unsightly joints to prevent leakage and offers low maintenance durability to provide long service life for managing your home’s rainwater. Aluminum Eavestroughs will not rust or corrode and are pre-finished in a wide variety of baked enamel colours to match any home exterior. Comfort Windows & Doors seamless Eavestroughs are roll formed on site and attached with concealed premium grade screw-in hanger brackets.

For eavestrough style 5″ and 6″ K-Style, use the following downspouts:

  • 3″ x 3″ Corrugated (Standard for 5″)
  • 3″ x 4″ Corrugated (Standard for 6″)

Over the last 25 years a variety of leaf guards have come to market. We have tried many leaf guard products that make unrealistic performance claims; in reality creating more work for homeowners. We use exclusively T-Rex continuous fastener/leaf guard system by Alu-Rex which has no weak points. The innovative, patented design of T-Rex ensures a clog free Eavestrough and is backed by a 40-year clog free warranty on the material and performance.


  • Prevents leaves and debris from clogging your Eavestroughs
  • Eliminates sagging due to heavy ice and snow build up inside your Eavestroughs
  • Strengthens Eavestroughs to prevent damage from ice freeze/thaw cycle
  • Replaces standard spaced hanger brackets. T-Rex is a continuous hanger bracket that stands up to bending and twisting
  • Continuous design supports Eavestroughs to prevent damage from ladders
  • Eliminates the hazardous task of cleaning Eavestroughs

Customer Installations

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