What Is HomeStars Verified? Here is what HomeStars says:

A business with a Verified badge means that we have checked all of their legal and professional requirements — including, most notably, a criminal background check — giving you more peace of mind before inviting a service professional into your home and making your next hiring decision.

You will know that a business is Verified if you see the badge on their profile:

Reviews will always remain the cornerstone of what makes HomeStars a valuable research tool for homeowners but think of the Verified badge as an extra layer of safety while making some of the most important decisions you’ll make for your home. Approval from your community is incredibly important, but you also need to know what you’re getting into from a legal and professional standpoint. If you’re spending $20,000 on a home improvement project, you don’t want that money to disappear — or worse, be left with new problems that cost, even more, money to fix. With HomeStars Verified, I believe that we’re taking another big step in that direction.

How Does A Service Professional Become Verified?

Earning a Verified badge is a voluntary effort that a Homestars-listed business opts in for. First, they submit an application form. We then work alongside a third-party screening agency to check for the following:

  • Criminal background
  • Credit check
  • HST registration
  • Professional licensing and trade certification

Once we receive the green-light on these criteria, the business is then officially Verified and awarded the badge on their profile. The badge will then be displayed for one year, after which the business will need to become re-Verified in order to ensure all of their requirements are still being met.

Should I Still Hire A Non-Verified Pro?

One thing that is so important for all of the homeowners and service professionals who have trusted HomeStars over the years to know is that a Verified badge should not be the only deciding factor when hiring your next pro. Because Verified is still new and optional, there are still many great businesses to choose from on HomeStars. A Verified badge is simply one additional tool for homeowners to make an informed decision, as well as for the best pros to let you know that their business is in great standing and deserving of your trust.

Just like always, HomeStars provides homeowners with all the tools they’ll need to choose the best pro for their job. On behalf of the entire HomeStars team, I am excited to take this important step towards making hiring the best and most trustworthy service professionals that much easier.

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