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casement windowsMaybe you already have a lot of experience with replacement windows, or maybe this is your first time at the window rodeo.  Whatever the case, brushing up on window basics is an important step before going ahead and making a purchase.  In this article we’ll concentrate on a specific type of window with this list of five facts about casement windows.

Casement Window Basics

If you were to compare casement windows to a different part of your home, the closest comparison would be to a door.  Casement windows are hinged along one side and open by swinging outwards or sometimes inwards.  Quite often the window is opened with a hand crank, but there are also models that open with a simple push or pull.  Many models have what’s known as a tensioning rod to hold the open window in place and prevent it from flapping in the breeze.

Casement Window Ventilation

Speaking of breezes, the way that an outward opening casement window juts out from its frame allows it to capture the wind and channel it into your house.  This makes casement windows one of the best models for ventilation.  Other window types, such as single or double hung or sliding windows do nothing to direct any outdoor breeze into your house.  

Casement Window Viewpoint

Aside from fixed windows, which cannot open, casement windows will provide you with the most unobstructed outlook possible.  Hung and sliding windows will always have a seam – whether horizontal or vertical.  If you’re looking for a window that opens while providing an unobstructed view, casement windows will be your best choice.

Casement Window Security

When it comes to trying to open a casement window front the outside, it’s virtually impossible without breaking the glass or prying the window completely off the frame.   Casement windows tightly seal against the frame and don’t provide an easy way for an intruder to slide open the window without breaking it.  The hinges are concealed on the inside and the locking system keeps the window tightly sealed.  

Casement Window Energy Efficiency

Because of the tight seal that is created when a casement window is closed, they come highly rated in energy efficiency scales.  Compared with hung or sliding windows, the chances of a draught with a casement window is much lower.  Add double or triple glazing and you have one of the most energy efficient, openable windows on the market.

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