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Sliding Patio DoorsYou know there’s an ongoing competition for priorities when it comes to home upgrades. Windows are frequently top-of-mind, and for good reason. Along with them, though, another important aspect of your home environment is your doorways. New sliding patio doors, specifically, can be a wonderful way to make your living space more versatile, more inviting, and just plain nicer. When contemplating home improvements that offer real value and enhancement to your home, remember the entrance to your backyard. Also, keep in mind that:

  • a perfect time to consider new sliding patio doors is when you are planning a backyard or patio renovation
  • when thinking about doing window and door upgrades, don’t forget the patio entrance

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits a top-quality sliding patio door installation from Comfort Windows and Doors can bring to your home:

Bring your outdoors inside With Patio Doors

Just looking through your new sliding patio door, with its large glass area, offset by a narrow frame, brings you a whole new view of your backyard and surroundings without having to step outside. No matter what the season, the additional light, and sight of your outside environment, can bring on that all-is-good feeling, enhanced by your patio door’s sparkling glass and attractive framing – pretty as a picture.

Outdoor access with no fuss

Sliding patio doors are just about the best way possible to take advantage of your backyard space, with their easy access and large opening space. Step through and take a seat on your back deck, or check out your garden; it’s all so much more functional when your patio doors are part of the layout. Sliding doors don’t require any swing space, so your ability to go in or out is that much easier.

Energy efficiency

Sliding patio doors from Comfort windows and doors are not only beautiful and secure, they are also energy efficient. High-quality components and tight seals, combined with top quality installation, will ensure that you are getting the maximum bang for your energy buck once your patio door installation is complete.

Visual Appeal

Nothing says inviting like a big, beautiful sliding patio door whether from the inside or outside. Large, gleaming glass panels, coupled with stylish frames, enhance not only the look of your property, but also its resale value, an important consideration, should you think about selling one day.

Beautiful Sliding Patio DoorsSafety and Security

You can rest easy, knowing that your Comfort Windows and Doors sliding patio door has been installed with security in mind. Your doorway will not only be beautiful, it will be safe, with high quality security and locking features.

Make a New Sliding Patio Door Priority

Comfort Windows and Doors’ team of experts would be delighted to show you some of the great ideas for a patio door installation in your home. There is a full range of styles and sizes; custom designs are also available. All the technical details are fully covered, including:

  • Sash frame construction and styles
  • Fin seal weather stripping
  • Jamb pockets and covers
  • Screens and mesh
  • Top-quality rollers
  • Argon sealed glass units
  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Locking mechanisms

In addition, many sliding patio door styles come with optional features, including

  • Colours, hundreds to choose from, for your frames
  • Many standard wood grains to choose from
  • Upgraded hardware lines
  • Secondary security locks
  • High-efficiency glass packages for increased efficiency and home comfort

Sliding Patio Doors in MarkhamIn short, Comfort Windows & Doors has everything you need to make a fabulous addition to your home living space: a high-quality, gleaming sliding patio door installation, professionally installed and backed by a long-term warranty. Take a look through our downloadable brochures and pick the style and colour that will most enhance your home.

Comfort Windows and Doors has been leading the way, in Markham and surrounding, with top-quality window, door, and patio door installations, for a long time now. Contact us today!

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