Single Hung Windows


Standard Features:

  • Heavy-duty cam lock & keeper
  • Constant force balancers
  • Finger latches
  • Dual interlocking rails
  • Frame and bottom sash
  • Pocket sill for easy of water drainage
  • Drainage flaps
  • Full screen with overlapping frame and
    sprung loaded
  • High efficiency Low E Argon thermal glass
single hung window

Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows are comprised of two sashes – once which one is fix and the other one which slides up and down for to open and closes the window. opening and closing. The movable sash can also tilt inwards to allow for easy cleaning of boths both sides of the window and as well as for extra ventilation.

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Space Saving

Single hung windows work well in tight spaces. The fact that they open up vertically and not outwardly makes them ideal around spots that have heavy foot traffic such as decks, patios and walkways.. Homeowners don’t have to worry about passersby hitting their heads on an open window. Single hung windows also work well in small rooms such as bathrooms, bedrooms and hallways.

Energy Efficiency

Single hung windows can be fitted with the latest types of energy efficient glass, insulation, framing and other materials to keep out the cold while retaining indoor heat. Single hung windows are easily opened which also allows you to cool off a room during hotter days. With only a single sash that opens, single hung windows provide a tight seal that shields against moisture and air leakage.


Single hung windows come in a wide range of styles that allow them to be both functional and fashionable regardless of the style of your house. The stationary sash can come in a wide variety of shapes such as arched, eyebrowed, gothic or a customised configuration of your choosing. The type of materials, trim and finish can also be tailored to your personal preferences.

Air Conditioners And Screens

Single hung windows provide an ideal footing for in-window air conditioners. The air conditioning unit sits on the window sill while the opening sash is pulled down snugly on top of it and fixed into place. If you tend to experience hot summers and need to run a seasonal window air conditioner to keep cool, single hung windows make the installation simple. Single hung windows also make it easy to install a window screen to keep out any insects when the window is open.


Single hung windows can only be opened in one direction which allows a simple locking system to make them highly secure. Locking the window requires very little effort and results in a simple, yet secure, seal. Opening a locked single hung window from the outside is virtually impossible. The security provided by single hung windows makes them ideal for ground floor rooms.

FAQ on Single Hung Windows

Why should I buy from Comfort Windows & Doors Inc?

We offer not only great products with exceptional customer service as well. We really want to ensure you get the best windows and doors for your home! At Comfort Windows & Doors Inc, you can get a no-obligation quote on replacing your windows or doors. Vaughan Windows and Doors does not employ commission-based salespeople.

What kind of window and door materials does Comfort Windows & Doors Inc offer?

You can find windows and doors of almost any material – wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum.

What do I need to know about vinyl windows?

Vinyl windows are one of the most popular in the industry because they are the ideal combination of performance with price. Vinyl windows are virtually maintenance-free and can have excellent energy efficiency. Vinyl windows are not affected by the harsh Canadian climate.

What kind of window styles does Comfort Windows & Doors Inc offer?

We offer many different styles of windows, including casement, awning, fixed casement, picture (fixed), double-hung, bay, bow, and transom windows!

What are the most energy-efficient types of windows?

The most energy-efficient types of windows available are casement, awning, fixed casement and picture windows. All our windows are Energy Star certified.

What should I know when buying vinyl windows?

There are a ton of window materials available today. Vinyl windows pose many benefits—they’re cost-effective, durable, weather-resistant and more! Comfort Windows & Doors Inc carries vinyl windows from a variety of manufacturers—you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

Will my home comfort improve after installing energy-efficient windows (and doors)?

The obvious answer is ‘yes’ just because you’ll no longer feel the drafts that result from cold air entering through low-quality windows. There’s actually much more to an improved comfort level though. First off the insulation around your windows and doors is replaced with insulating foam which fills every void that might have been present resulting in more drafts. Window upgrades also keep your home more comfortable in the summer by
retaining cooled air and help to control indoor humidity throughout the year.

How do I know the new windows and doors I purchase are energy efficient?

All Energy Star products have a symbol and label on them that indicates they have been certified to meet stringent technical requirements. Always look for the Energy Star label when browsing for replacement windows.

What does it mean when a product is Energy Star certified?

Energy Star is a program run by Natural Resources Canada that was created to monitor and regulate the efficiency of various home construction products such as windows, appliances, furnaces, etc. Manufacturers submit their products to be tested and certified. If compliant, it means that products rank in the top 15 or top 30 percent in the niche in terms of energy performance. Energy Star certified products not only save money on your utility bill but also increase the value of your home.

When do I know that I need to replace my windows?

You can actively identify if your windows need to be replaced by being aware of the following:

  • You notice fog, condensation, or moisture on your glass consistently. When the view through your window becomes hazy like this it usually indicates that a seal has failed.
  • Certain areas of your home become faded from where the sun enters the window. This could be furniture, carpeting, or even hardwood and it means you need to upgrade windows because your current models are allowing harmful UV rays to enter your home.
  • Your current windows are not rated for the new climate regulations. Colder climates require a higher ER rating to satisfy energy efficiency recommendations. Your windows are grandfathered in and a replacement isn’t mandatory, but just know the amount of energy you are losing by having these lower quality units installed.
  • If your windows are having difficulty opening, closing, and locking it could be time for replacement windows or at the very least a repair. Having a window that doesn’t properly open is a violation of building codes and is a huge safety risk in case of a fire.
  • Rotting or pealing wood means the windows are past their prime and ready for replacement. The older your windows are, obviously, the more likely this occurrence will be.

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