Fiberglass Entry Doors

Fiberglass entry doors are a smart choice for your front, side or back door replacement. Extra strong, resistant to warping, and made for the Canadian climate, in Toronto and surrounding areas. You get the classic look of wood, with all the high performance a fiberglass door provides. Tough, reliable, and beautiful, your fiberglass entry doors will do their job for years and years, with minimal maintenance. We carry many different styles, colours, finishes and trim, and glass options, so that you can pick the fiberglass replacement entry door that’s perfect for you.

When you’re thinking about replacement entry doors, you’ve come to the right place – and with a fiberglass entry door, you’ve made the right decision. Attractive, energy-efficient, durable, it’s a great investment that will enhance your interior comfort, and the curb appeal of your home.

We’ve got all the high-performance fiberglass entry door styles you need, for your new or replacement entry door project. Couple that with our dedication to quality and service, and you’ll be on your way to making the right call, with fiberglass entry doors, from Comfort Windows and Doors, your window and door specialists, in Toronto, York, Peel, and Durham.

Fiberglass Entry Doors

fiberglass entry doors

Fiberglass entry doors provide simple solutions for achieving a sophisticated wood look without all the maintenance.

Our fiberglass entry doors in Vaughan are available in a warm wood finish or classic white and available in a large range of designs and styles. They are as elegant as they are sturdy, handling the harsh Canadian climate without cracking, warping, or rusting.

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Fiberglass Doorsby: Richersons
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Fiberglass Door Collectionby: Plastpro
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Fiberglass Door Collectionby: MENNIE

Fiberglass Door Options

flush fiberglass entry door


6panel fiberglass entry doors


2panel raised fiberglass entry doors


3panel fiberglass entry doors 1


3 4 oval fiberglass doors


2panel camber fibreglass door


2panel camber fiberglass doors


6lite fiberglass entry door


9lite fiberglass door


par fiberglass door


craftsman fiberglass door


craftsman with glass fiberglass door

Craftsman with Glass

flush fiberglass sidelite door

Flush Sidelite

craftsman fibreglass sidelite

Craftsman Sidelite

3 4 oval fiberglass sidelite

Oval Sidelite

2panel fiberglass sidelite r door

2Panel Sidelite R

2panel fiberglass sidelite door

2Panel Sidelite

2panel fiberglass sidelite 1 2 glass door

2Panel Sidelite 1/2 Glass

Fiberglass Entry Door Designs

fibreglass door replacement
fibreglass door near me
fibreglass door north york
fibreglass door thornhill
fibreglass door markham
fibreglass door vaughan

Fiberglass Entry Doors Gallery

Custom Fiberglass Entry Door design & installation available.

With lots of installations under our belts, Comfort Windows and Doors has put together some of our favourites for you.

Customer Installations

With lots of installations under our belts, we’ve put together
some of our favourites for you.

FAQ on Fiberglass Entry Doors

Why should I buy from Comfort Windows & Doors Inc?

We offer not only great products with exceptional customer service as well. We really want to ensure you get the best windows and doors for your home! At Comfort Windows & Doors Inc, you can get a no-obligation quote on replacing your windows or doors. Comfort Windows & Doors Inc does not employ commission-based salespeople.

What kind of window and door materials does Comfort Windows & Doors Inc offer?

You can find windows and doors of almost any material – wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum.

Will my home comfort improve after installing energy-efficient windows (and doors)?

The obvious answer is ‘yes’ just because you’ll no longer feel the drafts that result from cold air entering through low-quality windows. There’s actually much more to an improved comfort level though. First off the insulation around your windows and doors is replaced with insulating foam which fills every void that might have been present resulting in more drafts. Window upgrades also keep your home more comfortable in the summer by
retaining cooled air and help to control indoor humidity throughout the year.

How do I know the new windows and doors I purchase are energy efficient?

All Energy Star products have a symbol and label on them that indicates they have been certified to meet stringent technical requirements. Always look for the Energy Star label when browsing for replacement windows.

What does it mean when a product is Energy Star certified?

Energy Star is a program run by Natural Resources Canada that was created to monitor and regulate the efficiency of various home construction products such as windows, appliances, furnaces, etc. Manufacturers submit their products to be tested and certified. If compliant, it means that products rank in the top 15 or top 30 percent in the niche in terms of energy performance. Energy Star certified products not only save money on your utility bill but also increase the value of your home.

What type of doors does Comfort Windows & Doors Inc carry?

We carry steel, fiberglass, wood, garden, french and patio doors.

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