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The Canadian winters can be brutal. And if you have drafty windows, no amount of quick caulking or DIY repairs will help. One popular home remodel idea that not only helps your home stay warm and comfortable during the winter but also greatly increases home value is professional window replacement. Installing new windows during the winter months offers a variety of advantages, including energy savings and improved aesthetics. 

Insulation and Old Windows

Older homes often have windows that desperately need repair and replacement. While some quick fixes help, the best home remodel idea is to replace old windows with energy-efficient new ones. During the winter, home insulation is at its most important and installing new windows can help reduce heat loss due to air infiltration. After window replacement, rooms will be brighter and heated air will stay warmer since replacing outdated or leaky windows eliminates drafts. Improved energy efficiency will also save you money on heating bills each month.

New windows save you money on energy bills by reducing drafts and preventing excess heat or cold from entering your home. Instead of dealing with uncomfortable drafts and high heating costs, your family can enjoy a comfortable home. This can also create a warmer atmosphere and block out noise from the outside. Additionally, window replacement and proper insulation increase the value of your home.

Window Replacement and Energy Efficiency

Replacing your windows can significantly boost your home’s energy efficiency. New windows are designed to reduce heat transfer and prevent drafts from coming in. By investing in new windows, you can keep your home at a comfortable temperature year-round while saving money on heating and cooling costs. 

New windows are highly energy efficient—especially compared to their outdated predecessors. Replacing your current windows with new ones can save you money on your monthly energy bills and give your home a stylish refresh. Modern window technologies can block out more of the sun’s harmful UV rays, helping reduce furniture and carpet fading in your home.

New Window Installation

Professional window replacement installation involves replacing existing windows with new ones. The process typically includes removing the existing window frames and trim, measuring for proper fit and taking appropriate measures to seal around the window frame. It may also involve re-trimming a wall or exterior features such as eave wraps or other new build components that require direct fixing to the window frame or wall areas.

Window replacement professionals:

  • Assess your home for proper sizes, types, and styles
  • Order the right materials and supplies
  • Conduct a professional inspection 
  • Ensure they meet building codes
  • Prep the area around each window
  • Safely remove the existing window
  • Correctly install the new window, 
  • Upgrade insulation if necessary
  • Performing a final inspection upon completion

When you want the best window replacement company in Toronto, contact Comfort Windows. Our seasoned staff will be happy to answer your important questions. Schedule your initial consultation with us today. Call us. 


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