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windows last torontoThere are many reasons for installing new windows.  Do your old windows let in drafts and freeze up in the cold weather?   Are you looking to update the appearance of your house?  Whatever your reasons, new windows can help with a wide range of homeowner issues.  But how long will new windows last?  With today’s manufacturing technology you should expect them to last at least 15 to 20 years.  In this article we’ll go over some of the signs that signal you should consider replacing your windows.


If your windows are letting in water when it rains, it’s definitely time for replacement.  Not only is this annoying, but it can lead to structural damage which can become a much bigger problem.


If you can feel a draft coming from a window, that’s a pretty obvious sign that it’s time for replacement.  Not only is this driving up your energy bills but it’s making your home uncomfortable.  


If you have double glazed windows filled with condensation, it’s time to get them replaced.  They’re no longer doing their job.  It means the seals have been compromised and the protective inert gas inside has leaked out.  If the condensation is happening on the outer surfaces of the window this can signal problems with the seals or the installation itself.

Difficult (Or Impossible) Opening And Closing

If you can’t open or properly close a window it’s time to consider replacement.  It could mean the window frames are warped and they’re no longer properly seated in the opening.  It could also signal shifting or settling of your house’s foundation.  Either way, updating your windows will help.


Rot and decay is usually only a problem with wood windows, but it can affect other more modern materials as well.  Look for holes, warping, discolouration, cracking or other signs of disrepair.

Curb Appeal

Investing in new windows can update the look of your entire house.  There’s a huge aesthetic difference between windows that are 20+ years old and fresh, modern installations.  If you’re selling or simply looking to spruce up the image of your house, new windows can make a big difference.

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