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repurpose old windowsIf you’re looking for something a little different when it comes to indoor decor, consider bringing inside old window frames and using them in new and novel ways.  Old window frames can be a central foundation for all sorts of creative endeavours.  For some ideas on how to repurpose old windows, we’ve put together this list of inventive ideas.

Framed Mirror

Rather than a window to look through, your repurposed window frame can enclose a reflection of yourself – or whoever happens to be walking by.  Simply swap the window glass for a mirror of the same size.  Get creative with oddly shaped windows or multiple panes.  The mirror will reflect more light around the room and cause it to look larger.  For continuity you might try dressing your new window mirror with the same window treatments as the rest of your house.


Shadow Box

If you have a collection of trinkets, curios or other themed ephemera you can use a window frame to create a shadow box to display it all.  A shelved box that fits inside the window frame can hold the collection in an interesting array.  Hinged frames allow you to open and close the shadow box to make additions or move things around.  Alternatively you can take the glass out of the window frame and have an open faced shadow box.

Photo Frame

An old window frame can make an interesting and large photo frame.  Depending on the size of the window frame you can use it to frame one or more photos.  You can affix your photo to a standard frame mat or directly to the glass of the window.  A window with several muntins (strips of wood or metal that separate a single window into several smaller panes) can be used to display many small photos or one large one – both to interesting effect.

Framed Shelf

By painting or staining a shelf the same colour as the window frame, you can add interest by framing the shelf with a window frame.  Mount the shelf on the bottom of the window frame before attaching to the wall.  Add some interesting ornaments or knick knacks to the shelf to give it the character you desire.

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