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single paneDeciding on new windows isn’t usually the first thing anyone thinks about when building or renovating a house.  But, of course, windows are just as important as walls, doors and a roof. However, choosing windows can be a demanding job.  There are a lot of different styles, models and types to choose from. In this article we’ll be concentrating on single pane vs. double pane windows.  To learn about their differences, check out this article.

What’s The Difference Between Single Pane And Double Pane Windows?

The main difference between single and double pane windows is the number of layers of glass.  As the names suggest, single pane windows have one layer of glass while double pane windows have two.  The extra layer of glass in double pane windows creates an insulative gap which is filled with inert gas.  This allows double pane windows to be much more effective in preventing the movement of heat, cold and noise from one side of the window to the other.  

Why Would You Choose Single Pane Windows?

If double pane windows are more effective at insulating against temperature and noise, why would anyone choose single pane windows?  The two most common answers come down to price and aesthetics.  

Single pane windows are significantly cheaper than double pane windows.  And if you’re installing several panes at once, the cost of double pane windows can escalate dramatically.  Choosing single pane windows can save a considerable amount of money during a complete renovation or home build.

For period homes, double pane windows may not be a good aesthetic fit.  Double pane windows are a relatively modern development and they just might not look right in a Victorian or Tudor style home.  For purists, period consistency is more important than insulative properties.

Why Would You Choose A Double Pane Window?

Although much more expensive, double pane windows can pay for themselves in energy savings over the long run.  By preventing heat and cold from entering and escaping, heating and air conditioning bills are reduced. Depending on the number of windows in your home, the energy rates in your area and the amount of insulation throughout the rest of your house, double pane windows can save you hundreds of dollars on your energy bills every year.  

Double pane windows not only insulate against temperature, they cut down on the transmission of noise.  Although no windows are completely soundproof, the thickness of the glass and the amount of space between the glass layers of double pane windows will greatly influence the transmission of sound.

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