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Windows For Above A Kitchen SinkYour kitchen sink is probably one of the most used appliances in your entire house.  Having a window over the sink will make using the sink more than just a tribulation associated with washing dishes.  If you’re wondering what are the best window for above a kitchen sink, we provide these criteria for you to consider.

Easy To Open And Close

When you’re working at the sink, both of your hands are probably already busy doing something.  For this reason you want a window that’s easy to open and close.  And if you’re short, this is even more of a necessity.  Sliding windows allow you to open or close them with as little as your finger tip.  This is perfect when you’re up to your elbows in soapy water and dishes.

Windows Above Kitchen SinkAllow Air To Circulate

Cooking food will necessarily create smoke, steam and smells.  Too much of any of these will set off your smoke detector or overwhelm your house with condensation and unwanted odours.  Having a kitchen window that enables the air to easily circulate will allow the smoke, vapours and smells to escape without creating any lasting effects.  Double hung or casement windows are especially effective at promoting air circulation.  Double hung windows can create a wide aperture by being opened from either the top, bottom or both, while casement windows will protrude outside and catch any passing breeze.

Windows MarkhamBrighten Up Your Kitchen And Sink Area

Letting outdoor light into your kitchen will help activities around your sink while also giving you something to look through.  There’s not much more depressing than tackling a massive pile of dishes while staring at a wall that’s one foot in front of your face.  Garden windows are especially great for allowing extra light to stream through.  Similar to bay windows, garden windows protrude out from the edge of your house, but create a more box-like structure that allows light to enter from several different angles – including from above.  They’re ideal for growing plants (kitchen herb garden, anyone?) while creating maximum exposure to any available sunlight.  

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