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upvc windowsYou’ve probably heard of PVC, also known as Poly Vinyl Chloride, the flexible, synthetic plastic polymer that’s used for everything from pipes to flooring to clothing.  But what about uPVC?  The letter “u” stands for “unplasticized.”  When plasticizers aren’t added to PVC, the resulting product is much less flexible while still retaining the durability and strength associated with PVC.  This makes uPVC an ideal component of construction materials such as doors, windows and gutters.  What are uPVC windows’ major selling points?  In this article, we’ll find out.

What Are uPVC’s Main Properties?

uPVC is a strong and rigid, yet lightweight material.  It’s extremely durable as it’s resistant to both chemicals and oxidation.  uPVC is BPA free which has made it useful in certain dental applications.  uPVC can be produced in a wide range of colours or in a number of patterns that can simulate other materials.  Additives introduced during the manufacturing process can help prevent warping by making uPVC resistant to heat and ultraviolet rays.

UPVC WindowsWhy uPVC Windows Are A Good Choice?

There are many properties that make uPVC ideal for windows.  Some important attributes include:

Low Cost

Compared to many other materials used in window manufacturing, such as wood or aluminum, uPVC is much cheaper to process.  As a consumer, you’ll pay less upfront.  And since the uPVC windows will also last longer than wood or aluminum, you’ll have to replace them less frequently.

Energy Efficiency

Since uPVC does not readily conduct heat or cold, uPVC windows are adept at keeping your building cool when it’s hot outside and warm when the weather outside is cold.  uPVC windows are much more thermally efficient than those made of aluminum or wood.

UPVC Windows MarkhamLow Maintenance

Compared with wood-framed windows, uPVC is a much lower maintenance product.  There’s no need to paint or stain uPVC.  All it requires is sporadic cleaning with soap and water.  This can be done at the same time as the glass is cleaned.


uPVC windows are rated to last for about 25 years.  You don’t have to worry about termites, warping rotting, loss of colour or degradation because of weather conditions. 

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