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french-slidingHere in the Greater Toronto Area, the weather is starting to warm up dramatically, leaving everyone running to uncover their AC units and get them running. This is an ideal time to prep for the incoming summer heat. If you haven’t completed your Spring Maintenance tasks (see my last blog for the main tasks you should hit!), then this is an ideal time to get up on the ladder before the scorching heat gets to be too much.

As I mentioned before, this year is extra special, as we’re all stuck at home in isolation, some of us with our families and no way escape from the growing project to-do list. However, now that construction is opening back up in Ontario, it means we can start to deal with those larger projects that you’ve been putting off during quarantine.

Maybe you need to clear a bit of the boredom or find an excuse to be outdoors when you can’t hit the trails or the parks. Before all the camping and socially-distant BBQs get in the way, and why not spend some time getting a project off your to-do list?

Enjoy, for this very brief moment, between the heating, and the AC being turned on, that we can throw open the windows, and let the fresh air in. You might notice that your windows and doors are showing their age, or perhaps ‘let in’ some of the spring storms we’ve been having in the GTA. A bad storm will flood your basement easily, and enough of a rainy season runs the risk of mold and long term damage. Slow leaks cause ‘invisible damage’ that builds rot and mold over time. That’s why it’s no better time to replace your windows and Doors.

1. Cracked seals will let in the water!

The GTA is vulnerable to intense rainstorms, especially near the lake! They’re the kind that shut down the GO trains and cause the DVP to close. Water ALWAYS finds a way in! Especially if you have a large window or one that’s exposed to the elements- don’t let a flood be the reason you discover that they need to be replaced! An ounce of prevention/pound of cure? Isn’t that what they say?

2. Dirty Gutters can spell F-L-O-O-D

Okay-so not technically a ‘doors/windows reason’, but I mentioned this on the last blog, but this one is extremely important to reiterate. CLEAN EM!!! People– If your gutters can’t drain the water run off from your roof properly–those puppies overflow! This means, instead of redirecting water AWAY from the grade of your home with a downspout, that deluge just spills over the edge, too close to your home’s foundation, which means water sits, pools, and makes it way to your recently renovated basement media room. Remember- today’s gunky gutters are tomorrow’s summer storm-flooded basements.

3. Bad Basement Windows Spell M-O-L-D

Walk around the garden and inspect the windows at base of your home and any at-grade doors. . Check for pooling water, cracks or any areas of excessive moisture that doesn’t seem to dry out. If your window wells aren’t draining well, or your casements aren’t holding up, that’s a great opportunity for pooled water. Basements are at particular risk for leaks and floods being at grade, so take extra care and consider replacing those FIRST if you’re embarking on a large project and you have to make a budget choice.

4. Hydro is Expensive!

By far, the most bang-for-your-buck task for heating and cooling for your home is upgrading your windows and doors. When people think of energy ‘efficiency’ our Canadian minds often go to the winter with heating. However, our homes are just as vulnerable to hydro waste with AC, and efficiency plays a HUGE part. Our openings have the lowest R-value, and are the most vulnerable to wear-and-tear. Without having to do a full insulation upgrade, you can make effective and hard-hitting actions for your environmental footprint and hydro bill.

Did you know that you can reduce overall cooling costs for your home by upgrading to energy efficient windows and doors? Double glazed windows offer TWICE the R-value as single glazed windows, and offer excellent thermal insulation.

You can also opt for UV coated glass to bump up the protection factor, and decrease cooling costs. It can also provide excellent protection from damaging rays while you’re enjoying your favourite sunny spot on the couch!

If you want to evaluate whether it’s time to order new windows and doors, then please get in touch!

Want to keep your AC bills lower this summer in the heatwaves? Upgrade your windows and doors! We’ll work with you to create a plan that works within your budget. We’ll provide the highest quality products, with expert, socially-distant installations.

We are open and here to serve you and help you in any way we can.

Please feel free to contact us at (416-800-1365) for any questions you may have.

We are offering our customers 3 ways to obtain an estimate:-

1. Virtual Quoting system, using video conferencing – Click the link below to schedule your consultation

2. Email your sizes & pictures to [email protected]

3. We can come to your home measure up from the exterior. This can all be done safely from a distance.

From our family to yours, stay well, stay healthy!

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